Wildlife Art Christmas Gift Guide

Wildlife Art Christmas Gift Guide

Wildlife art makes a fantastic Christmas gift, but how do you know what to choose for that someone special? Here's an easy-to-read gift guide that will help you pick out the perfect Ryan Kirby piece.

A challenge I think many folks have when shopping for art is that they don’t see themselves as an art expert. Confidently picking out the perfect piece of art can seem complicated. There are several variables: original or print...framed or unframed...oil paint or pencil sketch...and more.

Just in time for the Christmas season, I’m pleased to share with you a wildlife art gift guide. Use this guide to learn more about my wildlife art - from price, to process, to materials. It’s a quick read and it’s sorted by price...because every Christmas shopping season starts with a budget.

You’re welcome to browse the whole guide - it will take you less than five minutes - or scroll right to your price range.

Art For $50 or Less

These posters are a compilation of art and statistics from some of my other prints, but boiled down to a smaller size with more generalized information. They're designed to be budget friendly options and come rolled and shipped in a standard cardboard tube. I've designed them at 16"x20" - a  common size that allows you to find a frame at a retail or hobby store, without the added cost and time required to get a custom frame.

Art For $100 or Less 

I usually pencil sketch wildlife on a daily basis to stay sharp. On my social media accounts, the sketches became so popular, I began combining them with rich information to produce a series of high-quality paper prints on white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, waterfowl and sport dogs. The finished products are the ultimate conversation pieces - art you can admire and educational information you can discuss with your friends who share your passion for wildlife. These pieces are classy enough for home decor, but offer unmatched usefulness around a hunting camp or man cave.

Each print is signed and stamped by me. They're available in two display options and ship for free in my custom shipping tube, featuring even more wildlife art on the exterior.

Here Are Some of My Most Popular Sketch-based Works:

Also available are high-quality paper reproductions of my original oil paintings. When I decide to make prints of an original, it’s usually because the popularity or interest in the original means people want prints. My prints are limited-edition and signed by me. I sell these prints unframed, allowing customers to have them framed at a local frame shop or build their own. I encourage print buyers to include a piece of conservation glass over the print to protect it.

Here Are Some Of My Most Popular Paper Prints:

Art Under $500

My classic, high-quality canvas giclees are sold in this price range. Canvas giclees look much like an original but are printed reproductions on canvas. They can be displayed framed or unframed with no glass necessary. At a glance, my canvas giclees are exact representations of my popular original oil paintings. From an artistic and aesthetic standpoint, a giclee makes an incredible gift for someone who would appreciate an elegant piece to display in a home or office. 

This season, we're releasing an all-new lineup of canvas giclees available now for pre-order! If you order today, your canvas will ship by the end of November, guaranteed to arrive well before Christmas.

Some of My Most Popular Canvas Giclees: 

Clearance Items

Each time we release a new edition of prints, it's an opportunity for you to save on your old favorites. Our clearance section offers up to 40% off select prints and apparel. Here's just a few of the items you can find at deep discounts:

Unboxing Wildlife Art By Ryan Kirby

It’s always been important to me that receiving my art is a memorable experience. No matter your budget, I can assure you the recipient will be impressed with the packaging and presentation of the art.

Unframed art is delivered in a high-quality protective triangle shipping tube that’s covered in a variety of my sketches. 

Framed art is bubble wrapped and also packaged in large, protective package with Ryan Kirby branding. 

When giftwrapped, a recipient will get two surprises - one when they unwrap and discover a Ryan Kirby Art package, and another when they open my package to see what artwork you’ve picked out for them.

Final Thoughts On Wildlife Art As a Christmas Gift

When you gift wildlife art, it shows you care about the interests of the recipient. Gift a deer hunter a piece of whitetail art and you’re telling him or her you understand their passion and heart.

Art is also timeless. 

There comes a time when purses and jackets go out of style, and gift cards expire.

You can stand around a piece of wildlife art hanging in your home and have meaningful conversations for decades to come. 

I’m always excited when I see order volume pick up for the Christmas season. My art being a part of special memories between people is a big motivator for me when I’m at my easel. As the magical Christmas season approaches, I appreciate you considering my art for your Christmas shopping list.

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