Father's Day Gift Guide: Celebrating Dad's Passion for the Outdoors

Father's Day Gift Guide: Celebrating Dad's Passion for the Outdoors

Dad always needs an upgrade.

Since the first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910, pretty much all Father’s Day gifts since are designed to bring dad up to speed. Is your Dad’s favorite shirt an embarrassment in public? You get him a new one. Tired of watching him rebuild the leaf blower every fall? You get him a new one. Is his golf bag actually older than you are? Well…you get him a new one. And if there’s anything that Dads are notoriously bad at, it’s home décor. You may not convince him to ditch the recliner from the 80’s, but he’ll love a fresh piece of art for the wall.
I’ve worked hard over the years to produce a variety of sizes, styles and prices to fit any taste and budget. This Father’s Day, it’s time to upgrade his wall. 

For the Turkey Hunting Dad

Has dad completed a Grand Slam hunt? The “Grand Slam Subspecies of the North American Wild Turkey”  celebrates a true American original - the wild turkey. Essential for any turkey hunting father, this print is perfect for the office, hunting lodge, or man cave.

Ryan Kirby, Grand Slam, Wild Turkey, Paper print, Father's Day

The North Carolina mountains are incredible in the spring and I look forward to hunting there every year. For the father who is obsessed with chasing turkeys, check out my popular piece "Grandfather Gobbler." 

Ryan Kirby Art, Grandfather Gobbler, Wild Turkey art, Framed Canvas

Has dad recently bagged a bird that's special to him? My personalized Wild Turkey prints highlight the unique characteristics of the Eastern, Osceola, Merriam and Rio Grande, and allows you to insert his name, harvest date, location, weight, spur size, beard length, and story of the hunt in the “Field Notes” section. This is the perfect gift to commemorate the spring memory made with dad. 


Ryan Kirby, Wild Turkey Art, Personalized Print

For the Deer Hunting Dad  

If your dad is crazy about whitetails, there’s no doubt he’d love The Growth and Maturity of The White-Tailed Buck. Our number one selling print, it combines art and information into the ultimate resource for estimating the age of bucks and a great conversation piece for hunt camp.

Growth and Maturity of the White-tailed Buck, Ryan Kirby Art, White-tail deer

For the father who bowhunts, The Anatomy and Physiology of a White-tailed Buck is a first-of-its-kind artistic look at the bone and organ structure of a whitetail and how it affects the arrow on target and the shot selection of the archer. If your dad geeks out on bowhunting, this piece will show him you recognize and appreciate his passion.

Anatomy and Physiology of the White-tailed Buck, Ryan Kirby Art, Bow Hunting, Shot placement

If you're dad is a die hard deer hunter, I'd bet the rut is already on his mind. I painted "Turn and Burn" for an Outdoor Life cover years ago as a celebration for this magical time of year in the deer woods, and it remains our top selling canvas print still today. 

Turn and Burn, Ryan Kirby Art, White-tail buck, Framed Canvas

For the Waterfowl Hunting Dad

Some of the most profound lessons and lasting memories you'll ever get from your dad come in a duck blind. My popular series of flyway prints celebrate the species that make up each of the four major North American Flyways. Dads from coast to coast will love them!

Waterfowl of the Atlantic Flyway

Waterfowl of the Mississippi Flyway

Waterfowl of the Central Flyway

Waterfowl of the Pacific Flyway

Mississippi Flyway,

 I've always loved the look of a handsome wood duck drake in fall plumage, that's why I painted "Ripple Effect". Available in multiple framing options, it'll make a perfect gift for the duck hunting dad this Father's Day.

Ripple Effect, Wood Duck, Ryan Kirby Art, Framed Canvas

A print for you and a print for Dad: Bundle & Save!

Bundling and saving on gifts is a smart way to make the most of Dad's day. By combining multiple paper prints or posters, you can create a unique and meaningful gift set, or buy a gift for more than one of the dads in your life.

Take advantage of a 20% bundled discount and pick up to 8 of your favorite Ryan Kirby paper prints & posters as a gift for dad, and for you!

FREE SHIPPING on orders valuing $125 or more!

Paper Print, Bundle, Save, Ryan Kirby Art, Wildlife paper prints


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