3 Father’s Day Gifts to Upgrade Dad’s Decor

3 Father’s Day Gifts to Upgrade Dad’s Decor

Dad always needs an upgrade.

Since the first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910, pretty much all Father’s Day gifts since are designed to bring dad up to speed. Is your Dad’s favorite shirt an embarrassment in public? You get him a new one. Tired of watching him rebuild the leaf blower every fall from spare parts? You get him a new one. Is his golf bag actually older than you are? Well…you get him a new one. And if there’s anything that Dads are notoriously bad at, it’s home décor. You may not convince him to ditch the recliner from the 80’s, but he’ll love a fresh piece of art for the wall.

I’ve worked hard over the years to produce a variety of sizes, styles and prices to fit any taste and budget. This Father’s Day, it’s time to upgrade his wall. Check out these great gift ideas from the Ryan Kirby collection.

Wild Turkey Personalized Prints

If you and your dad are fresh off turkey season success, my wild turkey personalized prints are a special way to commemorate a memorable hunt. These prints combine my art, wild turkey facts and YOUR photo and story into a personalized piece of art any dad would be proud to receive. You simply upload a harvest photo and fill in descriptive info like the beard length, spur length, weight and notes about the hunt. We do the rest and you receive a one-of-a-kind piece that your dad is sure to love. I offer versions in each of the four major subspecies:



Rio Grande


Sketch-based White-tailed Deer Art 

The white-tailed deer is North America’s most popular game animal. The size, age and body characteristics of mature whitetail bucks have fascinated generations of deer hunters. If your dad is crazy about whitetails, there’s no doubt he’d love The Growth and Maturity of The White-Tailed Buck. This print combines art and information into the ultimate resource for estimating the age of bucks. It’s classy enough for an office, while also being the ultimate conversation piece for hunting camp.

For the father who bowhunts, The Anatomy and Physiology of a White-tailed Buck is a first-of-its-kind artistic look at the bone and organ structure of a whitetail and how it affects the arrow on target and the shot selection of the archer. If your dad geeks out on bowhunting, this piece will definitely demonstrate you recognize and appreciate his passion.

Top-Selling Canvas Giclees

My specialty technique in wildlife art is original oil painting on canvas. These originals can take weeks to paint and dry. Because of the time I put into them and the fact that an original is 1 of 1, they are priced at a premium.

For the buyer looking for a classic and elegant piece at a more appealing price, my canvas giclee are exact, printed versions of the original. Though I offer a wide selection of giclees, here’s three of my top-sellers.

“Sons Of Thunder”

This classic ridgetop timber scene featuring two Eastern gobblers firing off has a wide appeal because of geographic anonymity. From Wisconsin, to the Ozarks, North Alabama to New Hampshire, if your dad runs ridges looking for the king of spring, this scene will put a smile on his face.

“The Defender”

For the western father that seeks adventures in the mountains, there is no other sound like the distant bugle of a rutting bull elk. If the Rocky Mountains hold a special place in your dad’s heart, this piece deserves a special place on his wall.

“Posting Up”

For the dad who lives for the fall - the changing leaves, cooler temps and rutting bucks - this scene captures deer season like no other. This print was one of my first widely-successful whitetail pieces and it’s continued to be a customer favorite over the years.

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