Individual Turkey Subspecies Print FAQ

Where and how do I submit my harvest image(s)?

When you visit any of the four individual turkey subspecies product pages, there will be fields where you can enter your personalized information. At the top of these fields is a button allowing you to upload your favorite digital photo from the hunt. We recommend high resolution, color photos in a unique setting with lots of personality!

When will I receive my print(s)?

These are custom prints and will be printed in the order they are received. Generally, it takes less than 5 business days to collect information, format, print, package and ship from Ryan’s studio.  

Will I receive my print by Father’s Day?

Orders placed by June 10th are guaranteed to be delivered by Father’s Day.

How long will these prints be available?

This limited edition run of prints will only be available for purchase now through June 30th

Is this print available framed?

These prints are not available framed on our website. However, if you visit you can save 20% with code RKART on our two favorite ways to display these prints here: The Two Stick Frame Poster Holder, or the Jeffery.

Does my harvest images(s) have to be in color?

Both color and black & white images will be accepted. 

Can I preview my print(s)?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the capabilities to allow you to preview the print(s) before you order. Our team will proof each print before it is shipped out to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

Does the picture need to be portrait or landscape oriented?

We have the capability to do either as well as a square image.  

Is a discount available if I order multiple prints?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer bulk order discounts on these prints. 

Will there be a sale for these prints?

There will be no sale on these prints. In the event of a site-wide sale, these prints will not be discounted.  

Can I have my print signed by Ryan?

All prints are hand signed and stamped by Ryan before they leave our office.  


Can I order all four individual subspecies prints in one order?

Yes. You will need to fill out the Harvest Specifics form for each print as you add them to your cart. You can then checkout with all of the prints at once. 

Can I mail a physical photo to be printed on the print?

No, our system will only allow digital photo copies to be printed on to the prints. However, you can scan the physical image and then submit it.

Can you enhance the quality or resolution of my submitted photo?

No, the photo will be printed with the same resolution and quality in which it is submitted. The higher the resolution of the photo at submission, the clearer the image will be on the print. Photos taken with modern smartphones will have adequate resolution for printing.

Can I order these prints without submitting a photo?

You can, but we do not recommend it. Any photos submitted without a harvest photo will have generic wild turkey sketch in place of the photo

What if I am not happy or satisfied with my print?

Please contact us at with your concerns. We are happy to replace your print if mistakes were made on our end. Replacements will not be issued due to image quality reasons, user error in Harvest Specifics or user error in photo submission. 

Will I pay shipping for this print? Are there multiple shipping charges for ordering multiple prints?

There will be one shipping charge calculated at checkout for one or more prints depending on your order. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to and we'll get everything settled.   

Can I make changes to my order after I submit it?

Changes cannot be made after the order is submitted. We encourage you to take your time in filling in the Harvest Specifics and double check the information before purchasing. 

Can I enter the measurements for two birds/multiple beards/both spurs?

Unfortunately, we are only able to fit the measurements of one turkey into the allotted space. Due to this limited space, there is only room for one measurement of beards and spurs. We recommend entering the longest beard length for a bird with multiple beards, and the longer of the two spurs. You might include the length of the additional beards or spur in the Additional Information section.

Can I enter the names of two different hunters to be included on the print?

This is possible, but due to a character limit, we recommend only using first names if you wish to enter two different hunters. I.e. “John & Jane” rather than “John Doe and Jane Doe.”

Do you have a question we didn’t answer here? Please email and we will be happy to help!