Gift Ideas for the Die-Hard Deer Hunter

Gift Ideas for the Die-Hard Deer Hunter

Whitetails are by far North America's favorite big-game animal. With a massive range covering most of North America and over 11 million hunters pursuing them, the white-tailed buck is an iconic symbol of the great outdoors. If you're searching to satisfy the hunter in your family, chances are a deer will do.

I've spent the majority of my working life observing and studying whitetails so that I can draw and paint them the way they deserve to be seen. Here's a list of my personal favorites and all-time best sellers featuring the legendary white-tailed buck.


"The Growth & Maturity of the White-tailed Buck"

My all-time best seller and a hunt camp classic, this is the product of hundreds of hours of research and studio work. It combines elegant art and interesting facts about the white-tailed buck as he progresses through his life cycle. It’s the only print of its kind, and only available on my website. The print comes signed and numbered and is offered in 3 framing options.

Price Range: $99-$299, Free Shipping
Anatomy Physiology White-tailed Buck

"Anatomy & Physiology of the White-tailed Buck"

A companion piece to the Growth & Maturity, this print showcases whitetail anatomy and detailed tips for shot placement, blood trailing and recovery. A popular option for most folks is to purchase them both together and save $40 with the Art of Hunting Bundle.

Price Range: $99-$299, Free Shipping

Looking for more art? You can check multiple people off your list and save 20% when you bundle prints. We can ship up to 8 paper prints in one of our custom shipping triangles. Choose from whitetails, waterfowl, wild turkey and even labs. 




Canvas Prints

My most popular white-tailed deer paintings, proofed for accuracy and quality, offered in framed canvas prints. These canvas prints come mounted on board to prevent any warping or sagging over time. We have four great frame options that I've personally chosen to accentuate the art and match most home, cabin or office settings.

Price Range: $249-$478, Free Shipping

Whitetail Poster

The White-tailed Buck: An American Original" Poster

On a budget? No problem. Printed on more traditional glossy poster paper and at a slightly smaller size than my paper prints, this poster hits all the high notes of whitetail world: rack configurations, rut behavior and body characteristics. It makes a great gift for any deer hunter and can fit in any wall space.

Price: $34

Take Your Gift to the Next Level with a Frame

Framing is a great way to finish off the perfect gift. While we offer each of my prints unframed, I highly recommend framing. Not only is custom framing at a frame shop expensive, it's one more trip you'll have to make ahead of the holidays. I've hand picked several frames that I feel fit my art best and that my customers will appreciate. The best part: the print comes out of the box ready to hang on the wall.

Below are the frames we offer for canvas and paper prints. Be sure to check out our Frame Guide for more. 

Price: Varies by Frame

Canvas Print Frames
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