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Finding the Perfect Gift for the Waterfowl Hunter on Your List

Waterfowl hunters are a special group. They wake up earlier, travel further and tote more gear than any other hunter that I know of. Their duck camps are filled with tradition and their office walls are filled with duck stamps. Not only has art played a vital role in fundraising for waterfowl conservation, it's played an important part in the lives of each and every duck hunter that takes to the water.

Here's a list of my most popular waterfowl art, sure to please any duck hunter from the Pacific flyway to the Atlantic.

"The Waterfowl Flyways of North America"

Waterfowl typically use one of four major flyways in their annual migration south: Atlantic, Mississippi, Central or Pacific. Each flyway has a collection of species that use it in one form or another, which are represented in these prints. Chances are that the waterfowl hunter will have a favorite flyway they hunt, be it a marsh just down the road or an annual cross-country trip they take with buddies. They'll be familiar with the species presented here, and will appreciate the extra information on each species, approved by Ducks Unlimited biologists. Get started by choosing your flyway.

Price Range: $99-$349, Free Shipping on orders over $125

"Labrador Retriever: The World's Most Popular Sporting Dog"

Every waterfowl hunter has a favorite hunting buddy … and it's rarely a human. Dogs play a cherished role in the duck blind, and no breed is more widely used in this role that the Labrador Retriever. This paper print features unique art and facts about the breed that has captured the hearts of hunters and dog lovers the world over.

Price Range: $99-$349, Free Shipping on orders over $125

Print Bundles

Looking for more art? You can check multiple people off your list and save 20% when you bundle prints. We can ship up to 8 paper prints in one of our custom shipping triangles. Choose from whitetails, waterfowl, wild turkey and even labs. 


"Waterfowl Flyways of North America" Poster

On a budget? No problem. Printed on more traditional glossy poster paper and at a slightly smaller size than my paper prints, this poster shows all four major North American flyways, with information and population data on each. Surrounding the flyway map is a selection of the most popular species from all over the continent.

Price: $34

Waterfowl Flyways of North America


Gift Cards 

We get it. It’s tough to shop for the hunter in your life. What flyway do we live in? What subspecies of turkey is that? Why even have a gross and net score?

So rather than learn all that lingo, give them the gift of options and let them make the final choice. We now offer e-gift cards available in any amount!

Treat the special hunter in your life to the gift of wildlife art! Once purchased your code will be emailed to you for instant gifting.

Take Your Gift to the Next Level with a Frame

Framing is a great way to finish off the perfect gift. While we offer each of my prints unframed, I highly recommend framing. Not only is custom framing at a frame shop expensive, it's one more trip you'll have to make ahead of the holidays. I've hand picked several frames that I feel fit my art best and that my customers will appreciate. The best part: the print comes out of the box ready to hang on the wall.

Below are the frames we offer for paper prints. Be sure to check out our Frame Guide for more. 

Price: Varies by Frame

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