Announcing our First Ever Sketch Drop

Announcing our First Ever Sketch Drop

Only one week to purchase my most authentic wild turkey sketch art. 

My goal as a wildlife artist has always been to contribute to the atmosphere of hunt camp. To bring the outdoors…indoors. For years, I've drawn wildlife in poses that I find interesting and fun, and the result has been some of my most authentic work ever. In fact, these sketches saved my career, which you can read more about here.

These smaller sketches and field notes offer a more personal glimpse into my life as an artist and hunter. I'm proud to now offer them as a special edition of prints for a limited time.

Announcing our first-ever Sketch Drop. 

At specified times throughout the year, we're going to offer a limited run of printed sketches. My most popular work, available for ONE WEEK ONLY! Once they're gone, they're gone for good.

To celebrate spring turkey season, our first Sketch Drop features the Grand Slam Subspecies of the Wild Turkey: Eastern, Osceola, Merriam's and Rio Grande. Buy all four Grand Slam sketches and get a free bonus sketch of a roosted gobbler, not available for individual purchase elsewhere. 

We're excited to finally offer these and I hope that you enjoy them. But the offer ends soon! We'll stop taking orders for this first Sketch Drop on April 13th.  

Order yours here.

Wild Turkey Grand Slam Collection

Rio Grande Wild Turkey Sketch

"Rio Grand Wild Turkey" sketch
Osceola Wild Turkey Sketch
"Osceola Wild Turkey" sketch
Eastern Wild Turkey
"Eastern Wild Turkey" sketch
Merriam's Wild Turkey Sketch
"Merriam's Wild Turkey" sketch
Bonus Sketch
This edition's FREE bonus sketch when you purchase all four Grand Slam Subspecies sketches
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